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Don’t let your plumbing drive you crazy – let us do it!

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We service plumbing in Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding areas, including a 30 mile radius around Sedgwick county.

At Plumb Crazy, we’re crazy for your business!  Plumbing services we provide include:

We treat every customer fairly – no funny business!  No fake ‘code upgrades’ – if we say it’s required to meet the city & county requirements, we’re not kidding.  Additionally, we don’t “farm for upcharges” like many low-cost plumbing services do – just because we cleaned your drains doesn’t mean you need a new water heater!  Every customer is dealt with in a fair, professional manner.  Much of our business is word of mouth and repeat business.  You can’t keep that sort of marketing if you treat customers poorly. 

Plumb Crazy can service all your needs, but there are times we’re really busy. Fortunately, we make a lot of friends! If it’s something we are to busy to do ourselves, we can provide you a referral to an affordable, licensed, reputable service provider through our network of licensed professionals we’ve built up over our many years of operation!

Plumb Crazy:  Funny Name, Serious Plumbing

Use Our Phone & Text Contact For Fastest Service:

(316) 871-3006

Need to contact us about something less time sensitive?  No problem – just fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you usually within 24 hours!

Often, you’ll get a faster response by texting: it’s hard for our plumbers to stop and have a full conversation while in a crawlspace or similar, but they can text back and forth with you more quickly as they can do it between tasks. That way, they can continue to help other customers at the same time they’re trying to get you helped, too!


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